A Special Treat

Just about every night Finley asks...
"Mommy, can I make my own decision about what to wear to dinner tonight?" Most nights I have to say no, only because she creates enough laundry as it is, but there are some nights I just have to give in to her because she is so darn cute.

Well, the other day was a special day and I decided she could pick out her own clothes, from head to toe for school. First we had a quick little chit-chat about matching and off she went. There were just two rules:
1. NO tank tops
2. She had to have something on her legs, be it tights, leggings or pants

She was SO excited! You would have thought I told her we could get a puppy (which, by the way, will never happen).

I think she did pretty good. This skirt is her absolute favorite piece of clothing; she would wear it every day, if we let her. I knew she would pick it. She was very particular about the buttoning of her sweater and only wanted the 2nd button from the top done. And of course she had to have on her sparkle shoes and her umbrella in case it rains.

So, I think this getting dressed thing must be getting to her head because after she "cleaned" her bathroom Saturday night (which consist of her spraying everything with a water bottle and Robby coming behind her with a towel to dry it all), we decided to take her for a treat at Dairy Queen. Because of the hard core cleaning she had done, she was wet from top to bottom and "had" to change her clothes. She wanted to pick her outfit again. She did so good the first time, why not?

Yep, that is a purple shirt with a pink and yellow skirt, with brown and white polka dot leggings. At least the brown vest kind of matches the leggings! And of course the sparkle shoes again!

I think we need to review matching 101.

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