Nothing like a babe and her Babe..

Thanks for a great trip to the beach and a weeks worth of memories!

FrIpP OuT!!

The Freeman Family had the best time at Fripp Island. Finley Jane had so much fun hanging out with the Cousins and Aunt Mandi. I think after doing everyone's hair, she might follow in her Mammy's footstep and open her own salon!

I must say she is a water baby. She wanted to stay in the water the whole time and go out deeper and deeper. A Daredevil! She had such a good time all week. From playing on the beach from sun-up to sun-down, making necklaces, sandart and tye-dying her own T-shirt. She is a sport!

It does not get much better than Fripp. You share the beach with just a few families, but still have a fair amount of good people watching. All day every day it is just you and the beach...

...and Baby Strawberry!