Playgrounds, Playgrounds and Playgrounds

Because Finley is becoming obsessed with playgrounds, we have managed to try just about all 1,000 playgrounds it seems there are in Athens. We like them to be clean, not crowded, offer both sun and shade and have a place to enjoy a snack. With all these restrictions it makes it harder, but we have found some that she enjoys.

Some of the few we have tried...

World of Wonder--way too crowded!

Memorial Park--to dirty and the ducks bite!

Barrow Elementary--too hot!

Our favorite is in a secret location and we love it. Only once has there been more than a couple kids. Can't tell you where it is, since it is a secret!

Here are some great pictures of Finley Jane having fun!


Summer is Finally Here!

We kicked it off with our first family beach trip of the summer. We packed up the family truckster and headed to Garden City, SC. It is truly a joy to watch Finley on the beach. She loves it! The water was a bit cool, but she didn't care and would have stayed there all day if we let her. She and Baby Emily had the time of their lives. Not only did she have a great time at the beach, but she loved Market Commons where Grayson let her order tart and tangy berry ice cream with M&M's! (yuck) and had just as much fun riding all the rides with everyone at Broadway at the Beach. She especially loves her Poppy and the the life size Dora doll he won for her! She had so much fun with the entire Freeman/Hancock family!