Merry Christmas!

Wow! How did Christmas come and go so fast! It seems like the same thing happens every year. Christmas is months away and you have time to get it all done and then all of a sudden it is over!

It all started with asking Santa for only a pizza and a Hello Kitty scarf. How innocent, if only she knew what was to come!

First we had Christmas with Papa and Mimi where Finley racked up on all kinds of games, a new wardrobe and her very own silver necklace! Not to mention her very first video game!

On Christmas Eve the Shelf Elf left her some princess dresses since it was his last day here. Her favorite was the snow princess one. As you can see she is putting out reindeer food and her daddy is following close behind to make sure the princess does not get wet from the rain. Yes that is Robby with a mini Dora umbrella in the front yard for all to see. Now that is a Father's Love!

While Santa had a difficult time hunting down the Hello Kitty scarf the pizza was easy to come by. And what other kid had a piping hot pizza waiting for them under the tree? Christmas morning was magical for her. She was able to spend it with her Daddy, Mommy and her Babe. Not only did Finley get a lot of presents, but Santa even left some for Bitty Baby!

We then headed over to the Freeman's for Brunch. Although the heat went out that morning, the house was warm with love! All the Freemans were there and Mamaw, Larry and Autumn! More presents for Finley Jane and Bitty Baby!

Then today we had out final Christmas at the Ellis household with all the cousins and Uncle Matt and Aunt Mandi! Here Finley got an ironing board. I think we are going to have her trained here pretty soon!

And of course, her best bud Leroi was there!
And Finally for your listening pleasure Finley Jane singing Silent Night, if I can get the video to upload. It is very poor quality, but I will see if I can get her to do it again and sit still while singing. yeah right.