Finley had her first real soccer practice Saturday morning.
She is SO excited to be playing this season.
Can you tell?

Her favorite part?
Snack time!


New Year's Resolution

Can you tell my resolution was to blog more often? Well, guess what? It is not working. What gave it away? Was it the mere four post in three months? Or was it the fact that I have not posted in over a month? Either way, I will hopefully be able to make a rebound and get the posts going again.

I do have an excuse though, we have been very busy...

We have already been to an Easter Egg hunt.

We have gotten our first jean jacket.

We have gotten our first walkman? (Is that what they are still called?)

And, oh yeah, turned FOUR!! Can you believe it?

If anyone every ask you to host a "Make Your Own Pizza Party" for a bunch of four year olds, quickly tell them NO!