Disney World

Here are a few picture from out GREAT trip to Disney World with Mimi!!

These were taken by our budding photographer...say Cheese!


Fun, Fripp, Friends, Fourth and Family!!!

Wow O Wow!
Where does the time go?
I know it has been forever since the last post, but we have been so busy! We have had a fun filled summer and it is not even close to being over yet.
So far we have managed to...

Hit the beach with the Freemans and Mamaw for Memorial weekend! Always so much fun. The Freeman/Hancock bunch are great to be around and just full of love for all.

We spent the week at Fripp Island with Babe, the Ellis clan and the Woods.
My favorite trip of the summer. Not to mention all the babysitters and cousins willing to spend all day in the water with our little fish.
Did I mention we also had another round of swim lessons
before we even left for the beach trip?

Graduation from Trinity... Finley Jane has gone to school here since she was just six weeks old. It breaks my heart she will be leaving at the end of the month to start big school. She will be headed to an elementary school right around the corner to start Pre-K. I know, it does not seem like she is even near old enough to do that, but she is and she is ready!

We also took a weekend trip to cool off with the Grogans in Sky Valley. It is always so much fun to go anywhere with them. They are so entertaining and Finley and Ben just love each other. Ben is such a good sport to obey Finley and her motherly instincts.

Here we are at the Athfest, again with the Grogans. She absolutely loves that trampoline thing. It does not get high enough for her! It was so hot that day, but the kids were sports and never complained.

Have you ever seen such madness? This is just a itty-bitty section of the Fourth of July parade we went to in Peachtree City. It goes on like this for miles.
I know, way too many golf carts!

They even have police officers on the cart paths directing traffic.
Crazy, but oh so fun!!!

Here is a quick pic of what Mandi has described as Gypsy-ville.
It is really just people staking their claim to a good spot to watch the fireworks.
Only the staking starts two days prior to the big event!

Here she is with her Babe and Bon-Bon ready to catch some candy!

She was very worried someone was going to take her candy,
so this was her solution,
just sit in it...

Her best bud, Leroi.

Here is a picture of the All American family.
Aren't we cute?
We even have a semi-picket fence around our front yard.
Know what else we have?
1.5 kids!!!

That's right, Baby Freeman Number Two is on the way! Our due date is January 2nd, however, I think we will be seeing this tiny addition this year rather than next.