Snow Day

The alarm went off this morning at 6:04 and we were all hoping for a snow day. When the radio won't list the school closings, Robby will check the neighbor's lights and if they are on, school is on. If they are off, no school. Lights On! Rats, we were hoping to sleep in a little longer. Schools did close two hours early. Although Finley's Valentine's Party at school was cancelled, she did get out today at 12:30! But, still no snow. We even got a text from Aunt Mandi showing all their snow, but no snow for us. Then while Finley was napping (rare event), it started to snow. And then more and more and more. By the time she woke up, everything was white. She was so excited! We bundled up and headed outside.

Finley made a snowball and just had to take a picture of it, by herself.

And here I am with the snowball...

After an afternoon in the snow, we headed in for some Hot Chocolate!!

What a day!

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