Just Us Girls

Today Robby and Poppy went fishing, so it was just us girls. We started the day with donuts for breakfast. Finley decided on the one that had pink icing and sprinkles. She then figured out she liked mine better and came up with the great idea to share it!

Then we headed over to the Athens Farmers Market. Finley made us walk the aisles about 10 times until she finally decided on a cookie about the size of her head and some peach lemonade. It was great to get to support the local farmers and buy some of their yummy vegetables. Not to mention there was free face painting. Of course Finley went for a pink flower on her cheek.

Next we headed home for some painting on the porch. Last night at the store she picked out a ceramic cat to paint. She gathered up the pink, purple and turquoise paint and went to town. After the cat, she did her first real canvas painting. It turned out great and as soon as it dries, which might take days, we will hang it up in the playroom.

We then grabbed the new quilt and some pimento cheese sandwiches and headed out the door for a picnic. After eating we went for a nature walk and collected all kinds of things: sticks, flowers, leafs, pine cones (we even found twin pine cones and she named them Babe and BonBon), and she found a worm, but she didn't want to keep it. We ended up walking all around the lake and at the end we found a great construction site where there was the biggest sandbox ever!

We barely made it home before she passed out and Daddy was home!

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