How GRACEful...

Finley keeps talking about going on picnics and eating outside. She wants to sit out on a blanket with her us and her babydolls. So I did what every normal mother would do...and made her a quilt! I think I am tuning into Grandma Grace. What an inspiration! She was such a great sewer and so very creative. I picked fabrics I felt she and Finley Jane would approve. What a blast it has been making the quilt! I have loved every step of the way, from picking out the fabric to sewing to tying the yarn and now to enjoying it with Finley. She thinks it is the greatest and I think this picnic blanket will last years to come!
(That last picture is me on the quilt taken by Finley Jane!-great shot)

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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  1. You are too much! Is that picture of Grandma Grace holding you? It looks like you! Beautiful quilt! Miss you! KMP