First Day of School

Can you believe she has gone from this...

to this?

I can't!
It seems like yesterday I called Robby and told him to meet me at the hospital because Finley Jane was on her way. Now she is starting real school! She is so ready. Although she did not cry when we dropped her off, not the same can be said for mom. What a trooper that little girl is! She loved her new school and teacher. Her teacher even said she was a model student. She might tell that to all her new moms, but we can hope!

She wanted to run to school, but after the first fall, we had to slow it down a bit. And after the second fall on the short walk to school, Daddy went back to the house to get her different shoes. What a great Daddy he is.
All in all it was a pretty long day for mom and dad, but she made it with flying colors!
She is going to make a great big sister to her little brother.

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