We had our first soccer game last weekend and
even though we didn't win, we had fun!
They don't even keep score, but that could be a good thing for our team!

While Finley Jane is not the star player (Thadd), she does listen to her coaches
and follows directions, see...

Nope, this picture is not her scoring a goal, just warm up,
but I had you fooled, right?

Once again, snack time is their favorite time!
That is Thadd on the far left, the star player!

Check this one out, Finley is twirling her hair,
Ben is on the ground, #15 is loosing his shoe and
Brock is on his way to the goal to score.

Want to know why?

Because his daddy, a.k.a. Coach Brandon,
said he would get him a chocolate bunny if he scored.
It did not even take him 30 seconds to do it!

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