Back to the Beach!

We loaded up the family truckster again headed back to the beach for Labor Day weekend. As always Finley had a blast and was able to get some of her overflowing energy out!

It is a good thing Mammy and Poppy were there because who else would clean the sand out of her suit?

Finley was feeding the birds some crackers and they kept getting closer and closer!

Guess who else was at the beach for Labor Day weekend?

Found another playground and even Daddy liked this one...

And to top off the weekend, she enjoyed some holiday fireworks with Aunt Marti!

Things couldn't get any better...

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  1. Next time i am there I will. I was only there for really a few hours. I promise that next time I am there we will go to dinner or lunch or something. i am hoping it will be soon. Take care!!!