Stone Mountain - Round One

So, the other night the Grogans and and the Freemans loaded up into the family truckster and headed to Stone Mountain for a picnic and the laser show. The boys tried to convince us the rain we were driving through was going to stop before the show started. And they were right it did stop. We were able to get the kids out of the car, tarps and blankets laid on the lawn and just about to take a seat when, the rain started again! So we grabbed all the gear and headed for cover under a tree. Not a great idea...so we headed up the hill to a covered porch. There we were able to secure an area for our blanket, but not without some "little bit o country" stares. Once our place was set, the rain stopped, but we decide to stay put, just in case. We unpacked the picnic dinner and enjoyed some (yummy?) potato salad and fried chicken. The kids were able to run around, watch the train, and eat cookies. Then guess what? Rain, again! I mean heavy blowing rain. It blew right up under the covered area and got all those county folks wet, wet! Not us, we were prepared with tarps.

Once it got dark the kids enjoyed their glow bracelets and necklaces. Then the rain finally stopped and the show started. The covered area was a great idea to keep the rain out, but all those lights overhead also makes it a little hard to see a laser show in the dark. The kids were really not all that interested in the actual laser show, so we tried to walk them down to the lawn so they could see the lasers and lights shooting across the lawn. This would have been a great idea if the lawn was not a complete mud pit. Anyone sitting on the lawn that night might as well have asked for an entry form for the mud wrestling! Once we heard that final song start up, we were packed and headed to the car. I think we were the first ones out of the park!

Not to mention on the way home I bit into a glow bracelet and it leaked all over me, yeah, in my mouth! Jenny was too busy laughing at me glowing in the way back seat to help. However, she was able to rustle through her diaper bag and come up with something for me to wipe my mouth on, Ben's under-roos! She said this pair was probably his cleanest, whatever that is suppose to mean. No thanks!

Needless to say it was an adventure. I doubt there is any other family out there other than the Grogans that would of gone through all that and still had a blast. We love that family to pieces and always have the best time with them, no matter what!

We can't wait to go back for Round Two!

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